However, like anything else sophisticated, it requires a lot of experience and expertise to use it properly. That’s where we come in. At, our Google AdWords qualifications are simple: we’re a Certified Google Partner. That means that we know basically everything there is to know about Google. So, when lawyers come to us to build a Google AdWords campaign, we know what we’re doing. We’re able to put that experience to work for them, so that they have the right combination of phrases, keywords as well as negative keywords.

We only use “White Hat” techniques, because those are always the more rewarding and ultimately fruitful methods. Furthermore, we’ve managed Google AdWords campaigns in the past. We know what keywords should be focused and spent on, as well as those which can be avoided. Too many law firms that rush into this and don’t work with experts end up spending a lot of money on the biggest AdWords, only to get back very little in terms of clicks and conversions.

Some of the best Google AdWords strategies focus on what makes your firm unique while showing why you’re better than the other firms in your area. Establishing your credentials, displaying why you’re a better choice than other firms, all while laying out all the different kinds of law you practice – those are just a few things the right Google AdWords campaign can do. No matter the size of your law firm, effective use of Google AdWords can greatly benefit your business.