What Are Google Ads For Lawyers?

Essentially, “Google Ads for Lawyers” are Pay-per-click marketing. When someone enters a word or phrase into Google’s search box, you can “pay” for that word or phrase to appear at the top of the results page. Because Google advertisements are so widely used, they can be a great way to get your brand in front of people looking for attorneys or legal assistance.
Google Ads for Lawyers can be a great way to augment your organic growth strategy. Utilizing both at the same time can help your SEO tremendously.

Are Google Ads Effective for Attorneys?

Absolutely. Google Ads can help attorneys in all fields of law. However, they have to be utilized properly. For example, using exclusively Google Ads is unlikely to help to grow your law firm, especially not in the long or even medium term. By that same token, using Google Ads by yourself, without any proven strategy, is also unlikely to provide much in the way of return.
A proper strategy, implemented by experienced professionals, gives your Google Ads strategy the best chance of success.

How Will I See Results From My Law Firm Google Ads Campaign?

The best way to tell that your law firm’s Google Ads campaign is effective is by setting tangible goals for yourself before you even start. You can use these goals as indicators for whether or not you need to make changes in your campaign.
Your goals should be measurable and realistic, based on current trends in your industry and what your company can reasonably achieve with its resources (both monetary and human). After a while, you’ll be able to see if there are patterns that correlate with changes in your ads.

Can You Manage Your Google Ads Campaign On Your Own?

You can, but it’s not recommended. A good analogy for this: someone representing themselves in court. They aren’t necessarily doomed to failure, but they’re not likely to have much in the way of success. That’s for many reasons: they don’t have the expertise, they’re in a system they were unprepared for, and they’re going up against experienced professionals.
The same holds true with Google Ads. To give yourself the best chance of success, it can be greatly beneficial to work with someone who can help.

Why Hire Someone To Manage Your Google Ads?

Simply put, they can focus on your Google Ads. You have plenty to do, with the practicing of law, running a law firm, etc. When you hire someone (or a team) to work on your Google Ads, you’ll have an experienced group of professionals all working on that together. Instead of having to devote any of your own staff to it, you’ll have experts working on your behalf.
Hiring someone not only helps your business to grow, you don’t have to put additional responsibilities on the staff you already have.

What Goes Into the Creation of Your Ads for Lawyers?

First, we make sure that we protect the lawyer’s brand. Always, our work makes certain each of our clients are seen the way that they want to be seen. Then, this comes through in all of our Google Ads, yes, but also our content marketing, blogs, videos, social media, and everything else.
Keyword research is a task that is never truly done. Once we’ve found the keywords that best fit our clients, we monitor them constantly. Then, if and when necessary, we build on that work, incorporating new keywords and other opportunities for growth.
On the subject of monitoring, we always check how your Google Ads are working. That way, we can build upon successes, targeting your prospective clients more effectively, improving on what could be improved, all while taking your firm to the next level.

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