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It’s a fact. Content marketing, search optimization, PPC campaigns and other digital marketing tactics are a critical part of a thriving business—including law firms.

The competition is fierce, and if you’re not invested in the latest digital strategies, potential clients can’t find you and leads go to other firms more than willing to take the business.

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Among the many industries requiring marketing strategies today, lawyers is one that demands them the most.

The services of law firm SEO experts in Los Angeles are essential to make a difference. Attorneys not only struggle with the complexities of their activity.

The also deal with an increasing online competition, changing consumer shopping behavior and technical barriers related to their websites and social media.

Websites that Work

Getting clients to convert is important but if your website is outdated and non-responsive to tablets and smartphones, prospective clients will bounce. Attorney Marketing can design and build an engaging website that retains prospects and keeps them engaged. We are experts in all the major platforms and can design lead-nurturing, gated forms so all you need to do is field leads from your inbox.

Let Attorney Marketing Do the Heavy Lifting

As an owner or office manager of a law practice, your job is to help clients, not spin your wheels trying to figure out the latest Google algorithms, tweet, or design a website. At Attorney Marketing Services, we make outsourcing all these digital headaches easy and we guarantee results. Contact us now and let’s get started.

Search Engine Optimization

If terms like SEO or metatags make your eyes glaze over, you’re not alone. SEO is complex and always changing, but our team knows what search engines favor and what they don’t so your law firm is on top of the fold. Most law firms have a few keyword phrases that drive most of their online traffic and revenue. The Attorney Marketing team can craft content that prospects will land on so you receive more qualified leads that translate to a higher ROI.

Keywords research is the very first step in this journey. Lawyers should work together with the law firm SEO experts in Los Angeles to think a list of keywords that lead searchers to their legal services. It’s important to understand what people type when they do a search. This leads to phrases that well applied generates a successful SEO strategy. You need to focus on:

Our clients are more than just clients.

Online marketing is not an option anymore. Especially for those dedicated to such competitive business as layers. Attorney Marketing Online is a Marketing Agency with 15 years of experience in Los Angeles. We know what attorneys need because we’ve worked with many important local and national firms like Belal Hamideh Law and LA Injury Group. We also provide quality SEO services in Spanish for lawyers that need them.

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