law firm adwords campaign

Tips For a More Effective Law Firm AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is a powerful tool for any business, but it’s especially effective for law firm AdWords Campaign. With Google’s help, you can reach potential clients searching for your services online and connect with them quickly and easily. But you need to use AdWords correctly, otherwise, it can waste time and money. Here are five…

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Law Firm Website

How to Make Your Law Firm Website Easy to Understand?

Websites are an essential part of life in the twenty-first century. People access information and services through the Internet on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean that everyone fully retains what they read online.  A recent study found that only about 28% of Internet users understand the content on websites. That means it’s vitally…

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law firm content audit

What Is a Law Firm Content Audit?

It’s necessary to perform a law firm content audit on a regular basis to review your website’s weaknesses and strengths. Conducting an audit will help you see how your website’s content is performing so you can make the needed improvements.  If the content on your site is not driving traffic, it can trigger two major…

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