website design

Creating a Website Design Checklist: What It Should Include

If you want your website to attract traffic, you need to make a web design checklist. Use the checklist to make sure your website’s design is both user-friendly and credible. The following information will give you a foundation for improving your legal website and increasing your online presence in the legal field. Setting Up Your…

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professional website design

How to Create a Professional Website Design for Your Law Firm

To ensure your site looks professional, you need to pay careful attention to its layout, images, typography, and consistency. Make sure the design of the site matches its purpose. That’s the key to creating a professional web design. Learn More About Your Demographic Your website should be both easy to use and useful. You earn…

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Legal web design

Legal Web Design Mistakes that Increase Bounce Rates

  Legal web design mistakes may not appear, at first, to be obvious. However, you need to review your website’s design if you notice more people are leaving rather than visiting your site. If a site is well-designed, you’ll gain more clients and continue to generate leads. Therefore, your legal website should be as simple…

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