Lawyer PPC

A Guide on Lawyers PPC

PPC (short for pay-per-click) is an important component of marketing campaigns. It basically refers to the amount someone pays to a host every time a potential customer clicks on the advertisement. The businesses, as the name suggests, pay for each click. This means that if nobody clicks on your ad, you will not be charged. The most common platform that offers this type of advertising is Google Ads. Let us tell you a little bit more about how our lawyer PPC campaigns work.

Researching for Keywords

Whenever you start a lawyer PPC campaign your ad will have a desired target audience. Your aim will be to engage them with your site and drive them to your services. Pay-per-click is a matter of finding the right customers at the right time. One of the keys to a successful marketing campaign are the keywords: those words that are common searches of people and strictly related to your business.

Your advertisement will come up on top (or at the bottom) of the results of a search. If you are not using the correct keywords to place your ads, you will probably be wasting money. This means that you will be either paying extra costs (more common searches lead to more expensive keywords) or paying for something with no results at all. Finding the appropriate keywords then becomes a crucial part of the marketing process for your business.

Target the Correct Audience

Not every person who gets to see your advertisement will be willing to visit your website. In fact, most of the people will not be interested in your services at all. Considering that, if you want to take the most of the lawyer PPC marketing you need to direct your campaigns to the appropriate target. 

Let us say that your firm specializes in family legal services. If someone is looking for a civil litigation lawyer, and clicks on your website, he or she will probably bounce back from your site in a matter of seconds, after realizing that you do not offer the type of legal services he is looking for.

This issue has two possible solutions. On one hand, you should try to keep your advertising as loyal to your services as possible. On the other hand, there is a list of negative keywords that you can attach to your ad. Those keywords will prevent your post from coming up on people’s searches that do not relate to your business. And Attorney Marketing Online can help you out with that.

Attorney Marketing Online has The Answer to your Problems

Attorney Marketing Online has been in the business of digital marketing for over 15 years, generating Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and PPC content for lawyers, prosecutors and attorneys from all branches. Whatever your specialty is, we will make it possible for people to find and hire your services. Since 2013 we are also Certified Google Partners, and follow their White Hat SEO techniques to give you results for a long time. Contact us today for any other questions you may have!