attorney marketing

Measuring the Success of Attorney Marketing Campaigns: Key Metrics to Track

As law firm SEO experts at Attorney Marketing Online in Los Angeles, we understand that every successful marketing strategy requires meticulous measurement and analysis. Determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is essential to make data-driven decisions and optimize future efforts. In this article, we explore the key metrics law firms should track to gauge the…

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Online marketing tools

Must-Have Marketing Tools for Lawyers (Part II)

This blog post further discusses the online marketing tools lawyers need for their websites and marketing campaigns. In this second installment, we’ll go over must-have tools, such as content marketing, webinars and podcasts, lead magnets, landing pages, video marketing, and reputation management.  You need all or most of these tools if you want to ensure…

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Digital Marketing Trend

Digital Marketing Trends that Help Legal Firms Get Ahead

There is an abundance of information available about digital marketing trends. Needless to say, it is a challenge to keep track of all the changes and new strategies constantly being introduced. Currently, we live in a fast-paced world where innovation is happening at lightning speed.  Learning More about Staying Afloat: Examining Digital Marketing Trends This…

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short form video

How to Produce a Short Form Video that Generates Leads

Knowing the best practices for producing short form video will help you in your efforts to generate leads and build trust and credibility. To do things right, you need to know the best practices for creating this type of video. Research shows that short term video productions increase viewer engagement, so you need to follow…

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short form videos

How to Use Short Form Videos to Increase Your Law Firm’s Influence

According to Influencer MarketingHub, short form videos are an ideal way to support your brand and build client trust. To understand how to use them to your advantage, you need to define them and find out the best ways to use them for lead generation and branding.  How Short Form Videos are Used Short form…

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influence marketing

How Influence Marketing Can Support Your Law Firm’s Brand

Influence marketing represents a tried and true strategy for advertising legal services. Its popularity has expanded as the use of social media has grown. You can use both sponsored and organic methods to introduce this marketing technique, which works out well in conjunction with content marketing and social media campaigns. Therefore, influencers can be used…

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Explainer Video

Using an Explainer Video to Drive Law Firm Traffic

  One of the great ways a lawyer can get noticed online is by adding an explainer video to his or her website. Explainer videos are popular, as they come in various types and they’re short (no longer than 3 minutes) and to the point. Therefore, they hold the viewer’s attention and, in turn, generate…

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UX Design

Breaking the Mold: How to Improve Your Legal Website’s UX Design

  Before you improve your legal website’s UX design, you should define “UX.” UX is short for the user experience. Therefore to improve the appearance and function of your site you must focus on these two letters. Offering an insightful and worthwhile experience is vitally important, especially to those who know little about the law….

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DUI Lawyer

Marketing Your Services Online as a DUI Lawyer

  As a DUI lawyer, you can use your “position” literally in developing DUI leads. That is because people seeking DUI services generally use keywords, such as: DUI lawyer DUI attorney Los Angeles, or  DUI law firm near me These keywords also called transactional or buyer keywords, sit at the bottom of the sales funnel….

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Evergreen Content

Use Evergreen Content to Highlight Your Legal Services and Knowledge

  Evergreen content, or articles, blog posts, or reports that can be used now and in the future, addresses relevant topics and answers many of your readers’ questions. This type of content is often found in the FAQs on your website, as time has not affected either the question or answer. Examples of Evergreen Questions…

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