Artificial intelligence

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Marketing Campaign

Referring to your legal website as an “online brochure” will never cut it in the digital age. If you want to attract and retain clients, your website needs to be dynamic and interactive. To that end, artificial intelligence (AI) offers a number of ways to make your site more impressive and user-friendly.

Why Artificial Intelligence Matters

Artificial intelligence allows you to tailor search results based on previous interactions on your site. While you might think that AI is something that only large legal practices harness, smaller law firms benefit as well.

Using artificial intelligence on your website means your site has the ability to understand natural language and respond to user input in real-time. Your website won’t just look nice; it will also function more efficiently and help prospective clients find the information they need. 

If you want to know how AI can improve your law firm’s website, you also need to know more about the different AI tools and services. Newer, better, faster is the new norm everywhere you look in business. 

Everyone in the legal arena wants to keep up with digital trends and make sure their firm stays relevant in a fast-paced industry. Artificial intelligence is one of these trends that’s here to stay and will only get increasingly popular. 

What is Artificial Intelligence and How Can It Benefit Your Legal Website?

Artificial intelligence is a computer system designed to replicate human intelligence in a way that can be applied to solving problems. AI can be used to help people make more informed decisions, create content, and automate repetitive tasks. 

Therefore, AI can benefit your website in various ways, as it can be used to provide a better client experience and enhanced reputation management.

Why Should Smaller Law Firms Use Artificial Intelligence?

Smaller law firms have many reasons to use AI, one of the prime reasons being a better experience for clients. By using this feature, you’ll also keep up with your client’s requests, which will lead to more credibility for your firm’s legal initiatives. 

In addition, the use of AI creates better site security and improved SEO. You can use AI to grow your online presence, increase your authority, and create posts while you concentrate on growing your practice. By using AI tools and services, you can use your firm’s resources more productively.

AI-Based Marketing Services

Indeed, artificial intelligence can help with many aspects of marketing. It can help you create better content, manage your social media accounts, drive more leads and attract increased business. 

Use AI to produce leads, create Facebook ads, add videos to YouTube, increase your influence on Pinterest, upgrade your presence on Linked In, enhance your social media management practices, and add webinars to your marketing strategy.

The Use of Chatbots

One of the great inroads in AI has been the use of chatbots. This smart software solution allows practices to reduce costs substantially. Chatbots are currently a driving force in legal marketing.


Geo-fencing is another innovative technology. This location-based tool uses a global positioning system or GPS to build a virtual outline or “fence” around a specific location. Using geofencing allows lawyers to market to potential clients in the bounded area.

For instance, a DUI attorney might establish a geofence around bars in a certain locale while a medical malpractice lawyer might create boundaries around hospitals. Personal injury attorneys might use the technology to attract people who visit collision repair shops.

Attorneys then create marketing campaigns that target the people who visit those sites. For instance, a law firm might feature sponsored offers after someone visits an outlined location. Or, they might deliver website ads with the same purpose in mind.

AI-Based Reputation Management Services

Reputation management is vitally important to a smaller legal firm, as it is one service that can make the difference between ranking at the top in the SERPs or experiencing a decline in traffic. Most people (around 87%) conduct due diligence online before hiring a lawyer.

By using AI to monitor your reputation, you can identify issues before they become real and major problems. Using AI-based reputation management services will help you keep track of your firm’s reputation and respond quickly to negative comments or complaints. You can use it to create helpful content to balance out the negatives.

According to Law Technology Today, AI can sift through years of data to project the outcome of cases as well. This gives an attorney the added expertise needed to gain authority in his or her field. They can also use the technology to scan over documents and contracts and perform legal research and due diligence more efficiently. When they have this advantage, they’ll also improve and enhance their reputation over time.

AI-Based Language Translation Services

Did you know that over 1 billion people worldwide speak English? Unfortunately, most other languages aren’t nearly as popular. Therefore, English-speaking lawyers who want to expand their practice to attract non-English speakers can run into language barriers. 

That’s where AI-based language translation services can help. Most translation services use AI to translate text from one language to another. You can use these services to translate your website and other marketing materials into the languages your prospective clients speak. This can help you reach more people and potentially gain more business.

Who to Call about Updating Your Legal Website

Artificial intelligence can help with many aspects of marketing, content creation, and reputation management. It can also help with language translation, and therefore can help you reach more people online. 

Whether you’re a large practice or a small law firm, AI can benefit you substantially. Call Attorney Marketing. Online today to plan a digital marketing and AI support strategy. Call (888) 992-9529 for all the details today.