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Tips for Customizing Your Attorney’s Web Design

When thinking about content for their attorney web design, many people overlook the “about us” pages, which can include meaningful images, attorney bios or even video content. Although your service pages and blogs should be the foundation of your content marketing strategy, having good attorney biographies is also very important.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing cannot be overlooked in a discussion about attorney web design strategies. Once you have a concept in mind, it is possible to film a video on a budget. This is made feasible even by the high-resolution and high-definition capabilities of modern cellphones.

Consider how you will format your script. There are several tones available, ranging from informational to educational or even humorous. Your response will depend on the type of law you practice and the audience you aim to reach. It is essential to keep this in mind throughout your marketing activities.

Use Current, Quality, Professional Images.

As a species, we are a visually oriented society. Many clients feel more comfortable when they can easily associate an image with a name. If your SEO effort is successful and more potential clients are visiting your website, it is possible that they will want to “see” who will handle their case.

Portrait photography in the digital age facilitates meeting new people. Consequently, your headshot is essential for making your attorney bio more personable and engaging. Make sure your photos for the “bio” and “about us” sections (as well as the rest of your site) are recent and of top quality.

How Can I Do This?

Idealistically, you should obtain professional headshots, although you can also seek the help of your photographer or web designer. As an added benefit, the images you obtain for your bio can also be an asset for your law firm’s Google Business Profile, Yelp page, Facebook page, and other internet listings. If you haven’t updated your attorney’s biographical information in a while, it would be prudent to do so. Believe me, this situation kills two birds with one stone.

Discuss Professional and Community Participation

In addition to the more graphic side of things (such as photos and videos), you might spend a whole part of your bio page describing or listing your community involvement.

Although it might not be necessarily related to the law, this activity gives prospective clients a general sense of this attorney’s personality and ideals. When people have this additional sense of trust, they are most likely to conduct business with you.

Sharing your passion for causes is an excellent way to put others at ease because it demonstrates that you are a kind and gentle person. Don’t be scared to create a list of the current and former community events you’ve participated in.

Let Readers Know Why You Are Qualified For The Position

Clients want to know what sets you apart from other attorneys and how you can assist them. Therefore, your website’s attorney biography should clearly outline your qualifications and expertise.

To do this, you may discuss your prior legal experiences, such as your career trajectory or even other social projects, as well as the abilities you’ve acquired as a lawyer that can benefit your clients. Take into account that there are other ways to demonstrate your expertise. You merely need to establish your own differentiator within the market.

Make your Bio “Human”

The majority of attorney internet bios are brief and very formal. This is due, among other things, to the fact that many attorneys present their credentials and experience as they would in a CV or cover letter.

Remember that one of the purposes of your attorney bio is to build trust and relationships with prospective clients. Not to say that credentials are not important, but a solid attorney web design allows certain flexibility. Try to be more genuine; explain something about yourself, such as why you got started studying law, as well as some of your professional and moral principles.

Again, neither your credentials nor your experience will be overlooked. But you must include something that helps you establish a human connection with your audience. Use more conversational language and abandon the formal structures and words seen in a resume.

Don’t forget that your potential client is not a recruiter. Write something that they can relate to.

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