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Guide to Winning More Clients with SEO

You may not have thought about implementing an attorney SEO for your business. But many law firms have already generated tons of cases and won more clients because of SEO. If you decide now to optimize your law firm’s website for the search engine, you may consider doing it on your own. That is, not hiring an agency to do the SEO for you. 

However, you’re in an extremely competitive industry. It’s not easy to pull in organic search traffic. You have a high hill to climb if you want to win more clients with SEO and do it on your own. But if you insist to do SEO on your own, you can start with an SEO audit. 


Begin an Attorney SEO Audit 

The very first thing to do when you start an SEO campaign is to audit your site. This will help you know how you stack up to your competitors. You will also comprehend what your competitors are doing to generate more cases. An SEO audit will also assist you in auditing the content of your site. What pages are already giving you the most traffic and what keywords are helping your site rank well. 


Analyze Keywords 

Keywords are a critical part of any type of website. Your legal website is no exemption. Keyword analysis will help you better understand how your site is ranking and for what keywords. You will know how your visitors are finding your site. When you conduct keyword research, you must know how searchers speak. For instance, not all people will use the words “civil litigator.” They may not know what it means. Instead, they will use the word phrase personal injury lawyer or car accident attorney. 


Improve Site Speed 

Page speed is important. It’s a ranking factor that can help your legal site rank on the first page of Google. If your site doesn’t load in two seconds, it will affect the user experience. You may use PageSpeed to help you know how fast your site loads. The score should be above 80 or 90. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to achieve that score. There are many things to consider to improve your site’s speed. 


Work Out Your Online Reputation 

Most attorneys are getting clients through referrals. But in the online world, you need social proof and online reviews. People are using search engines to help them find an attorney. Search engines will likely show your legal website if you have plenty of positive reviews. Your online reputation is one of the factors that will tell the search engines that your legal website deserves the top spot. 

There are other things that you need to do when you start your SEO campaign and ensure that it will be successful. Do you have time to go through all of them? Most attorneys don’t. 

That’s why they leave this part to an attorney SEO agency. They don’t have to tinker on their website. The agency will do the auditing, analyzing, improving, and working out your online reputation. What they do is focus on their clients’ cases to win them. Contact us today if you want our team to handle it for you. Call us here to inquire about our attorney SEO service: (888) 477-9540