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How does Web Design Impact Content Marketing for Lawyers?

Having a good lawyer web design is the best way to show off your expertise and let you meet your clients’ needs. However, we all know that web design isn’t sufficient to get more clients. It is through content marketing. This is a form of marketing that can help you generate more leads. The success of your content marketing, however, depends on a lot of factors. Web design is one of the vital ones. So, listed below are the ways web design can affect your content marketing. 

Lawyer Web Design Must Make Content Accessible 

You have useful information about personal injury, workers’ compensation, and what to do after an auto accident. The goal of this content is to educate and attract clients. But your clients won’t be attracted to it if they can’t access the information. 

That’s why your law firm’s website must be designed to be intuitive. It ensures that every time your potential client visits your page, the visitor won’t get annoyed. A good website enables visitors to access every page with ease. It means that they don’t have to go through irrelevant pages just to access the information they want. If you do that, they’ll just skip your site and move to your competitors’ content. 

How to Fix It? 

  • Make sure to add hamburger menus and drop-down menus.
  • Add search bars on top of every page so visitors can reach any content on your website
  • Include a sitemap 

Lawyer Web Design Should Enhance Appeal of Content 

Your site’s web design plays a huge role in making your content more appealing. By appealing, it means that it’s tidy, organized, and uncluttered. Keep in mind that your visitors who want to read about immigration law don’t like reading content about personal injury or how to file an insurance claim. 

How to Fix It? 

  • Categorize content properly
  • Design content with sufficient white space 
  • Use borders to prevent a messed-up look. 
  • Have a visual hierarchy to guide the visitors’ eyes to the vital segment. 

Lawyer Web Design Should Enrich the Experience 

When it comes to web designing, the placement of elements isn’t the only thing to consider. You also need to examine the color scheme and typography of your site. They, too, can significantly affect the experience of your visitors while they read your content about bankruptcy law, for example. Keep in mind that the readability of your content varies a lot depending on the font size, font type, and depth. If you use a small font size that makes your visitors squint while reading, it’s a negative experience for your visitors. 

How to Fix It? 

  • Use the right font size. Although there’s no official best font size, the font size for the body text must be at least 16px.
  • Avoid flash colors
  • Ensure that the background and text color doesn’t clash

In other words, your web design must present your content in the most readable way possible. But you don’t have to worry about your site’s web design if you hire the most competent web design agency for lawyers. Attorney Marketing Online offers lawyer web design services that can make a huge impact on your content marketing efforts. Call us today to get a free consultation: (888) 477-9540.