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Are Long-Tail Keywords the Key to SEO Success for Law Firm’s Websites?

Lawyer SEO is competitive. In fact, it’s the most competitive industry when it comes to search engine optimization. But, no matter how competitive it is, if you work with a law firm SEO agency, like Attorney Marketing Online, your firm can compete more effectively. 

Now, to answer the question, “Are long-tail keywords the answer to SEO success for your law firm?” If it’s done right, then, yes, long-tail search terms can be the most vital ingredient in your SEO strategy. 

Why Use Long-Tail Keywords for Law Firm SEO

We’d assume that you already know what long-tail keywords are. They are key phrases that are between 3 and 6 words, instead of the usual 1 to 2 words. But why are they important in your SEO strategy? 

Match Your Users’ Search Preferences 

Most human searchers use long-tail keywords. For instance, if they wish to hire a personal injury lawyer, they won’t type “personal injury lawyer.” Rather, they’ll enter “how to hire a personal injury lawyer in [city] or who is the best personal injury lawyer in [city or state] or personal injury near me.” 

This study found that 70% of search traffic uses long-tail keywords. Thus, when you focus on long-tail keywords, you can match your users’ search preferences. 

Rank More Easily 

Search volumes for long-tail keywords are quite low. But it’s not bad for your SEO efforts. Because they are low, it’s easier for your site to rank. Keep in mind that Google ensures that search results are relevant to the searchers. Thus, if your content is optimized for long-tail keywords, Google will consider it more valuable and relevant. 

Outrank Competitors 

Other law firms are focused on short-tail keywords. When you target long-tail keywords, you can lower the threshold of competition. If your content is optimized for long-tail keywords, it gets a positive effect in improving your rankings. 

Because the search volume is lower, you’ll have fewer competitors. Furthermore, you’re less likely to compete against a website that focuses on a different sense of the main keyword. When you use a keyword research tool, general terms like personal injury lawyer or personal injury attorney rank at the highest possible competition. When you move to long-tail search terms, though, the competition drops significantly. 

Make Content More Meaningful 

With long-tail keywords, you can tackle a lot of things related to the term. If you optimize your content for long-tail search terms, you’re making the content more meaningful to your audience. You can go deeper on the topic, thereby, satisfying or exceeding your readers’ expectations. It also positions yourself as an expert on that term, hence, improving your credibility. 

Power Up Your Legal SEO Strategy 

You’re a busy attorney. We get it. That’s why it’s a smart idea to hire a law firm SEO agency to handle your digital marketing efforts. Schedule a consultation today and find out more about what we can do for your law firm: (888) 477-9540.