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How to Keep Your Legal Website Alive (Part 2)

To make search engine optimization work for your legal firm, you need to follow a four-step plan. With the help of an SEO/digital marketing company, you can focus on building a presence online. This presence will give you authority and help you form closer relationships with both colleagues and clients.

The following information will help you outline a strategy that is easy to set up and follow.

4 major ways to improve your legal website’s SEO

You can gain the wanted exposure by creating quality backlinks, creating rich content, and staying up to date with what’s trending digitally.

1. Build quality backlinks

Backlinks are the links that lead to your website from other websites and are a big part of search engine optimization. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better your SEO. Also, make sure that you are linking back to the sources that you reference in your content. 

That will help you to get more links and improve your SEO. Backlinks should come from trustworthy websites – websites that are both popular and informational.

From Google’s perspective, it sees three levels of links – low-quality (which is webspam), medium-quality, and high-quality links.

How Google Defines Backlinks for SEO

Low-quality links are created using deceptive and fake means to game the network, thereby going against Google’s guidelines.

Medium-quality links are easier to get than high-quality links, which often are the most valuable. However, the editorial standards are higher, thereby making it naturally easier to draw medium links to your site.

How to attract quality links

Here are a few ways that you can get quality backlinks: 

  • Create content with the intention of getting  high-quality backlinks (increase your own editorial standards)
  • Start a blog 
  • Participate in forums related to your industry 
  • Guest post on other blogs
  • Comment on other blogs 
  • Use social media to your advantage – If you can get more backlinks to your website through social media, then that will help to increase your SEO 

2. Create rich content 

The content on your website is the foundation of your SEO strategy. When you create rich content, you’ll also want to make sure that your website loads quickly, has an appealing design, and is easy to navigate. 

That will help to keep people on your platform, which is important for increasing conversions. To support this effort, make sure you are incorporating your keywords and phrases into your content. Make the content an easy and compelling read. Answer the questions that people are asking.

Content is important in all areas of marketing. But when it comes to promoting your legal website, it’s essential. You can’t create a successful website without rich and informative content. 

Also, remember that people skim when they view websites. This is due to the scarcity of time and short attention spans.

Therefore, users will only spend as much time on your website as is necessary to find what they are seeking. Also, just because your content is longer does not necessarily mean you’ll have more conversions. Your content then should get to the point quickly.

Adding High-Quality Content: What to Keep In Mind

To increase your conversion rates, you need to create content that is concise, easy to read, and of high quality. To do this you need to do the following:

  • Create a mission statement. This will help you to stay focused on your goals and what you want to achieve through your website. 
  • Create an overview of your legal services. Make sure to include your keywords and phrases in your descriptions. 
  • Keep the articles easy to read. Articles should be written for an eighth-grade reading level.
  • Be authentic. Tell it like it is and let your personality shine through.

3. Stay up to date with digital trends

The strategy of search engine optimization is constantly changing and evolving. That means that you have to stay on top of trends and new strategies that search engines require. It also means that you have to be willing to change your strategy if what you are doing isn’t working.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly for SEO

Because more and more people are accessing the Internet through mobile devices, it’s important to make your website mobile-friendly. That will allow anyone who is looking for legal help online to click through to your site to call you. 

By making your legal website mobile-friendly, you are helping to improve your SEO, as Google is now prioritizing mobile-friendly websites in its search results. 


SEO is a process that requires patience and time. Therefore, you need to take a long-term approach to elevate your website’s ranking in the search results. 

In fact, it may take months, if not years, of consistent effort to see the results you’re wanting to see.

So, if you want to see results, you need to remain patient and turn your digital marketing over to an agency that supports legal design and SEO. 

Remember, there is no one trick that will transform your website and make it instantly visible. You need a digital marketing agency to back your marketing efforts so you remain influential in the legal field.

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