Meta Business Suite

How to Use Meta Business Suite for Your Law Firm

The free platform, formerly called Facebook Business Suite, is now known as Meta Business Suite. The application is beneficial to both small and medium-sized legal firms. You can effortlessly manage your  Facebook and Instagram profiles simultaneously with the updated app.

Advantages of Meta Business Suite Apps

Use Meta Business Suites (MBS) to do the following:

  • Update your Facebook page and Instagram feed with new posts/stories that you can publish or schedule.
  • In one spot, you can read and respond to new messages and comments from Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.
  • For commonly asked queries or ongoing tasks, create automated responses.
  • Learn more about your target demographic and gain a better understanding of their likes and dislikes.
  • Create a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign.
  • Get access to more Facebook tools and settings for managing your law firm’s social media presence.

Setting Up Meta Business Suite Access

Meta Business Suite (MBS)  is available for download on a desktop computer or a smartphone. Use an Android or iOS device to download the software. You can use the app if you have a Facebook business page.

How to Use the Settings and Interface

Changes, recent posts, advertising, and insights for your Facebook and Instagram pages are all displayed on the main page of Meta Business Suite. This section allows you to see important notifications, messages, comments, and other actions that require your attention.

You may also write a post/story or advertise your business from the home screen. On the right side of the platform, you’ll find current insights. For example, “Reach” data, under Trends, reflects how much your Facebook page’s coverage has increased or decreased in the last seven days. Under Audience, the total number of Facebook Likes the page has received is shown.

Using All Tools

To utilize All Tools, go to the bottom left menu bar. This feature allows you to change your Facebook business account’s Page settings, such as information, access, and permissions. In the Page settings, you may also create a Facebook page.

How to Make Instagram Work for You

You’ll need to connect your Instagram account in order to manage it. Write and schedule Instagram posts, as well as respond to messages and comments. You can develop adverts and discover more about your audience’s perspectives, just as you do on Facebook.

Go to “Settings,” which is situated on the left sidebar of your company account. Select “Business assets” before moving on to the “Instagram accounts” tab, where you can click “Add Instagram accounts.”

After that, you’ll need to enter your Instagram username and password. You’ll normally be directed to the Instagram link if you’re already logged in. To connect Instagram to your Meta Business Suite, click “Confirm.”

Notifications Checking

Check Notifications for more information on audience activity. Notifications allow you to see which links or posts are liked and any FB or Instagram posts you’ve made.

Using the “Inbox” 

Your Facebook and Instagram messages and comments are stored in your MBS “Inbox.” You can make short and quick responses by using this section.

Automated Replies

Send confirmations and greetings and follow-up responses in this part of Meta Business Suite. Check off the type of response you want to give and compose a message based on what you want to say. Personalization, such as adding the receiver’s name, is also an option.

By using MBS, you have all the tools you need to view your law firm’s social media activities through one comprehensive and insightful overview.


Automated Replies can truly help you stay in touch with your audience. “Greetings,” for example, is used to respond to initial messages sent over Messenger or Instagram.

Other Nifty Features

If you can’t react right away and are away, for the time being, you can utilize “Away message.” Use “Frequently Asked Questions” to respond to common FAQs, or “Job Application Received” to track job candidates.

According to Social Media Today, FAQ pages make it easier to provide better customer service and do so more cost-effectively. By cutting down on emails, law firms can focus on serving the direct needs of their clients.
Professional practitioners can use the Appointment Reminders” area to send SMS or messenger reminders to their clients. The “Page Recommended” function is also available. After a person shares and recommends your page, the system sends you a notification 10 minutes later. Always express gratitude to the person who recommended you. 

The “Page Not Recommended” feature is used to figure out why a consumer had a bad experience with your legal site and is also sent 10 minutes later to get more information about the experience.

Publishing Posts

MBS is used to write and schedule posts for publication. When you want to write a post, all you have to do is click “Create Post.” Choose whether you want your post to appear on Facebook’s News Feed or an Instagram Feed. Add text, a photo, or a video, or choose from a variety of other options. Decide on whether you want to schedule the post now or later.

Increasing the Visibility of Your Post

Click “Boost” to boost a post on Facebook or Instagram. The post is marked as “Sponsored” in the feed. Using the tool will allow you to target your audience, ensuring that your message is sent to the people you want to reach. This can be done using the “Edit” feature.

Getting a Better Understanding of Facebook and Instagram Performance

The “Insights” component of the Meta Business Suite shows you to review the entire reach and coverage of your Facebook and Instagram posts.

To learn more about your audiences, go to the “Overview” page. This page will show you how many likes your Facebook page has received in the last month, broken down by age and gender. You can also see how your Page Reach has evolved, over time, by going to “Results.”

Check the analytics for each post, as well as the number of comments, reposts, and “Likes,” by going to “Content.” Top Cities, Top Countries, Age, and Gender are among the demographic features the tool offers. To check the target audience, go to “Audience.”  Get a better idea of your Facebook and Instagram audiences using this data.

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