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11 Ways for Lawyers to Increase Social Media Engagement

Have you ever wondered why no one responds to your social media posts?
You’re not alone, to be sure. To capture an audience, you have to do more than just blog. You must also be inventive – smart and amusing at times, with a dash of controversy thrown in for good measure. That means thinking outside the box when it comes to social media engagement.

Suggestions for Increasing Social Media Engagement

Use the suggestions below to help you elicit additional attention and communication when you social media post.

1. Inform, don’t promote

People don’t use social media to listen to a sales pitch or discover why your services are superior to the competitors. That is not their driving force. They want you to entertain them. Don’t annoy your fans by being too self-promotional. You will lose your readership fast if you use me-content instead of you-content in your postings.

2. Use humor to entertain

Humor is one of the keys to gaining engagement and increasing your social media presence.

So, how do you go about doing this?

Use memes or puns

You may make some amusing puns about your field or caption photos with relatable yet amusing thoughts. Chipotle, for example, does an excellent job of writing amusing tweets.
“It’s officially run-into-your-whole-high-school-at-the-hometown-chipotle season,” one of the brand’s tweets reads. This tweet, as you can see, is both funny and relatable.

3. Use Visuals and images

Posts that do not include an image receive fewer views than those that do. Increasing your social media response rate requires sharing more photographs. Memes, GIFs, photos, and graphics are examples of these images. It only goes to show that a picture can say a thousand words.

There are various tools available to assist you in creating and uploading photos. Canva, Piktochart, and PixTeller are just a few of the image creators available. You might also go to Crello, which has a number of customizable designs and templates. Some media posters develop their own imagery. Crello’s design editor allows you to create the perfect image by combining shapes, text, and colors.

If you work with a digital marketing agency, they can take care of all these details so you can focus on your work and still keep things interesting in the social media sphere.

Learn the best ways to use photos

Images might potentially be used to introduce legal services or to announce community events or legal symposiums or webinars. You can also link them to videos on YouTube.

Include an infographic

You can also use an infographic to showcase research findings or intriguing data. Include a link to a related study or blog article in the colorful map or chart.

Produce and feature videos

Because we’re talking about images, we might as well throw in some videos, since they’ve already been addressed.
Using videos on Instagram is very effective. Videos also boost interaction on social media sites like Facebook. 

According to studies, videos receive more likes than photographs. So, if you really want to see an increase in your social media engagement, you should post videos regularly.

4. Add those all-important keywords to your social media content

Don’t forget to include keywords in your video posts to expand your reach even more. Adding the right keywords will help people find you and contribute to higher rankingsr in the SERPs.

5. Immediately respond to reader’s comments

Building a connection takes two people. As a result, social media involvement is not one-sided. You must respond to the remarks made by your viewers. Follow up on any comment, whether it is negative or positive. This demonstrates that you care about your customers’ worries.

Encourage your followers to leave comments, likes, and shares on your posts

Use a call-to-action (CTA) to get your reader’s attention and increase clicks by employing sentences like “We want to hear from you,” or “Give us a call now.” Make it easy for people to respond by including a CTA button or link.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) points out that a CTA not only advances a deeper social engagement, it also boosts conversion rates.

6. Don’t just post once a day; post several times during the day

Make it a practice to post numerous times every day to boost the number of people who view your posts. Analyze your data to determine the optimum times to post your messages. Determine the best times to post as well – when people are more engaged in the activity.

7. Make your posts relevant to current events.

Christmas, Easter, and the Super Bowl are all occasions that you can link to your material or incorporate into the theme of your post.

8. Cross-Post Your Content 

When you cross-post your content, more people will see it, increasing your brand and company’s credibility. The Social Law Firm Index (SLFI) revealed that law firms are improving in this respect, as many are using not only videos but podcasts as well to increase viewer interest.

9. Create Question-and-Answer posts or surveys

Ask a question that allows a participant to express an opinion. Not only will you get a better understanding of your followers, they will also gain a clearer idea about your service offerings. Make sure your inquiries are focused and unique to the service you wish to promote.

10. Make use of hashtags with your firm’s name on them

Use of branded hashtags or a hashtag created specifically for your marketing efforts and brand. Doing so will help you keep track of your brand’s reach.

11. Pay attention to people who are experts in your field.

Following the people who are leaders in your profession is all part of networking. You can improve engagement and become more well-known by following this method. This will not only increase your trustworthiness, but will increase your followers.

Know Who to Call to Make It All Happen

You must develop the practice of publishing post if you want to increase your social media engagement. 

That means knowing when to upload content to get the most impact. More-than-once-a-day posting will improve your online popularity and give you a social and professional advantage. Call us at AttorneyMarketing.Online to make it all happen. Contact us at 888-992-9529 now.