Instagram marketing for lawyers

Instagram Marketing for Lawyers: How to Get Social Media Leads


Instagram marketing for lawyers, as you might guess, begins with an app. Visit the App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store to get started. You can add your Facebook details, phone number, or email address to establish a new account. Your phone number and email address should be consistent across all social media sites so clients and others can easily find you and connect.

Instagram Marketing for Lawyers: Signing Up on Instagram

Instagram asks for your name and password when you sign up and will give you an automatically generated user name (UN). You can use a link Instagram provides to match your UN with your user names on Twitter and Facebook and other social media accounts. Again, consistency is the key to getting found.

Create Your Law Firm Instagram Account

Download your profile photo from one of your other social media accounts to your phone’s photo album and go to your new profile. Before you can create a professional account on Instagram, you need to sign up for a personal account. Once you have the personal account in place, you’ll just need to visit your account settings and click on a link to create your law firm Instagram account. 

Instagram marketing for lawyers makes it easy for you to connect with your firm’s Facebook page. For your professional account on Instagram, select the law firm category and add, again, your contact information staying consistent.

Customizing Your Instagram Profile

To make your firm and your legal practice stand out on Instagram, you need to customize your profile on the site and publish some memorable legal posts. Both these activities will help you to better connect with your Instagram audience. Tap on the profile icon and follow up by tapping on the “Edit Profile” link.

Your profile photo should be 180px x 180px. Make sure it’s the same image as other social media photos so your brand is immediately recognized. As noted, you also want your name and UN to match the name and UN you use on other social networks. Include the URL for your website as well.

In your bio, you’ll describe your legal company in 150 characters or less. In addition to introducing your law practice, you can also use the description as a way of letting people know what to expect from your Instagram account. Disclaimers concerning advertising, legal advice, and average outcomes are also included in some law firms’ descriptions.

Including Local Business Info on Instagram 

It’s possible to change your Instagram account’s associated Facebook page and account category in the public business info area. Add or amend your law firm’s contact data and choose which contact details show on your public profile using the profile display.

Your visitors will use a “contact me” button on your profile if you enter your email address or phone number in the “public business info” area.  If someone taps “contact me,” they will be able to contact you through email and/or by phone from your profile page.

To acquire driving directions to your law firm’s location, visitors to your profile may tap on your street address so they can easily get to your firm.

Tracking Your Reputation Locally: Reviewing Instagram Photos

Check out the most current and most popular images for your location on a frequent basis as part of your social media reputation tracking routine. Photos tagged with your firm’s name and location cannot be removed, but you may look through them, respond to comments, and personally contact the photo’s owner if applicable.

Instagram Marketing for Lawyers: Getting Ready to Post

After customizing your profile on Instagram, now comes the fun part. Start by posting at least 3 videos or photos before you connect with your Instagram audience. Make sure your postings give people a reason to follow you.

So, how do you do this?

Remember that the purpose of Instagram is to create posts with visual appeal. Review the social media sites’ ad inspiration page to get an idea of what people like to view and read. Use the site’s creative apps to add flair and notice to your ads.

For example, Layout is an app where you take two or more videos or photos and create a collage. You can get the app on Google Play or through the App Store. 

The Boomerang app enables you to take several photos that the app puts together so they can be played forward or backward in the form of a GIF. You can also get this app through Google Play or the App Store.

You can take professional-looking time-lapse videos with your phone by using Hyperlapse. It is available on the App Store for download.

You may also choose to simply take great photos using the camera on your smartphone. Tools such as Canva allow you to create professional graphics. Choose from hundreds of templates to create customized Instagram photos.

What the Research Shows

When it comes to Instagram marketing for lawyers, most attorneys admit they like LinkedIn the best followed by Facebook. About 25% of lawyers, according to research results, choose Instagram. However, the report also shows that 80% of attorneys use social media in their marketing strategy. Add Instagram to your social media plan to stay an additional step ahead of the competition.

Who to Call about Instagram Marketing for Lawyers

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