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Breaking the Mold: How to Improve Your Legal Website’s UX Design


Before you improve your legal website’s UX design, you should define “UX.” UX is short for the user experience. Therefore to improve the appearance and function of your site you must focus on these two letters. Offering an insightful and worthwhile experience is vitally important, especially to those who know little about the law. If you can engage them in what you know and offer, you will increase your leads and add to your traffic – sometimes almost overnight.

Inspire Trust and Confidence with an Improved UX Design

Part of designing a great website revolves around building trust and steering away from a traditional and sterile website design. Make sure your visitor is inspired by your site, its offerings, and what he or she is able to learn.

Therefore, the idea is to design the site so it is easy to read, quick to navigate, or offers the user a means to contact your firm. Whether they need an answer to a basic legal question or wish to set an appointment for a consultation, they should find it easy to do. 

Making the Best Use of Video

Don’t give your visitors what they normally expect – walls of text that involve complex legal explanations and terms.. Make sure you include videos that are both professional and committed to a client’s success. 

Videos work as they make quick work of giving your client information. In this on-the-go society, a video is worth a thousand words – maybe even more, in some cases. How you use videos on your site can increase your visibility on YouTube as well as incite people to regularly visit your site.

What a great way to gain media exposure and draw clients to your website! One of the great ways to increase your influence is by featuring a video that both informs and entertains. For example, you might star in a short video with fictitious stories that relate to your legal practice. You can also include these accounts as Instagram Stories. 

With this type of exposure, you not only will become a legal star socially, you will also generate leads galore. Get together with a scriptwriter who has scriptwriting experience. Whether you add humor to your videos or include interesting and unique information, you’ll give your law firm the “ratings” boost it needs to improve its standings in the SERPs.

If you’d rather confine your videos to your website, you might consider producing a video clip for the different practice areas on your site. Make sure the content is digestible and, again, engaging. Even if you only include one video on your “About Us,” page can spark an increase in visitors. 

Make Sure the Video is Easy and Pleasant to View

To make the video more pleasant to control and view, include features such as pause/play, a sound slider, a full-screen option, and mute. Switch off auto-play, as the audio may startle the user.

Adding Explainer Videos

According to Forbes, legal firms with good UX designs do well with explainer videos – preferably no longer than 3 minutes long. An explainer can explain a legal process, answer a question, and entertain at the same time.

Law firms that add explainers videos to their sites profit the most from using animation. Animation is not expected and removes any feelings of stuffiness or decorum. It draws visitors and keeps their attention. WordStream states that animation is the most popular type of explainer video. You can more easily explain complex legal topics and keep your audience engaged.

Using Infographics for Your Visual Explanations

Not only does a good UX design make use of videos, but it also employs infographics on its website. Most people who visit a legal website have a specific legal concern. Therefore, they want a quick answer that is easy to comprehend.

By using infographics, you can explain legal topics so visitors can discern statistics and details immediately. Adding infographics enforces your law firm’s message and gives the reader more confidence in the legal services you provide. Using infographics enables you to address certain pain points and show that you have the legal experience to support their legal needs.

Direct Your Visitors to the Area Above the Fold

One crucial aspect of creating a good UX design is the area on your website that the visitor scrolls down to see. The area above the fold on your site’s home page should be simple to navigate. It should present a clear message that is accessible and relevant. If a visitor cannot see this “value” right away, he or she will usually exit and visit another website.

Therefore, this part of your website should be constructed so it displays your contact details in easy-to-read print. Include an inquiry or consultation form that the visitor can complete in this area as well. That way they won’t have to hunt around to get an answer to a question or set a legal appointment.

Learn More About Improving the Design for Your Legal Website Now

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