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Keys to Getting New Leads for Your Law Firm with PPC

Creating an attorney PPC campaign will help you generate new business. It can help you gather more clients. However, using PPC isn’t that straightforward. That’s why you need an attorney PPC expert to help you launch a pay-per-click campaign for your law firm that can successfully give you the best ROI. 

Attorney Marketing is your premier Google Partner that has extensive experience working with lawyers to improve their online presence. On top of PPC advertising, we also provide customization of websites and landing pages. Our SEO and call tracking services can also boost your law firm’s popularity, thereby, increasing the number of clients you get every month. 


Use Relevant Keywords for Attorney PPC 

The success of your PPC campaign will depend on the keywords you use. If you’re not using correct keywords, then you are wasting a lot of money. You need proper keywords so the right clients will know where to find you when they need your services. Finding relevant keywords is vital in getting new leads. This is especially necessary considering that some keywords are expensive. 


Avoid Showing Your Ads to the Wrong Audience 

Not all people who are looking for legal services are not actually searching for your law firm. Your specialty may be family legal issues but searchers need an estate lawyer. If they land on your site through your ad, they will bounce back. You can’t convert them into clients because they don’t have family issues that must be solved. Rather, they want an estate lawyer who can assist them in rental properties. 


This is where creating a list of negative keywords becomes useful. These keywords will prevent your ads from showing up on searchers who are not looking for your services. Our team of PPC specialists will thoroughly research and find negative keywords that you don’t offer. They will search for unrelated legal keywords and put them in negative keyword lists. 


attorney PPCCreate an Effective CTA 

Most PPC ads are general. If you work with our PPC experts, your lawyer ads will be focused on your certain area of expertise. And it will be reflected throughout the campaign. If someone searches for a personal injury lawyer, they will see your ad along with your phone number and effective call-to-action. We will create your ad in a way that will capture your potential client’s attention when they need your services. 


Increase Conversion of Your Landing Pages

It’s critical to capture their attention in their moment of need. Although your PPC ad can direct them to your site, you need to ensure that they land in the right place. The most effective way to increase conversion of your site is to direct your clients to the most relevant landing page that offers clear details about your services. 


Start Dominating the Legal Industry Now 

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