DUI Lawyer

Marketing Your Services Online as a DUI Lawyer


As a DUI lawyer, you can use your “position” literally in developing DUI leads. That is because people seeking DUI services generally use keywords, such as:

  • DUI lawyer
  • DUI attorney Los Angeles, or 
  • DUI law firm near me

These keywords also called transactional or buyer keywords, sit at the bottom of the sales funnel. In this spot, they represent the keywords people use who need to contact a lawyer.

Semrush adds that SEO experts group keywords under four classifications of intent – commercial, navigational, transactional, and informational. 

In most cases, a DUI lawyer focuses on transactional keywords (such as “DUI attorney” or “DUI law firm” near me),  or informational keywords (when someone wants to learn more about DUI penalties).

When a searcher is using a transactional keyword in a Google search then, he needs the services of a DUI lawyer immediately. He or she is ready to retain a lawyer’s advice as they have just been charged with a DUI. They just need to figure out who they’re going to select.

The above keywords examples are highly competitive. Therefore, you will need the services of a digital marketing agency–one that specializes in legal services–to get to that coveted first page on Google.

Keywords that Answer Questions

While transactional keywords represent words that searchers use to retain a lawyer’s services, informational DUI keywords represent words people search when they have questions about DUI laws. These words may relate to topics, such as the DUI process, DUI defenses, penalties, and jail time.

Because the intent, here, is not as clear, informational keywords that relate to DUI convert at a lower rate. For example, if you search DUI penalties in California, you may need that information for yourself or you may be a student writing a research paper. As a result, informational keywords end up being less competitive. However, they do allow a law firm to exert its influence and authority at a smaller cost.

How to Rank Well for Transactional Keywords

Naturally, you want to rank well for transactional keywords, as they also represent an increased bottom line. In this case, you want to optimize your Google My Business listing. This listing also includes local maps and SEO. While a local pack result represents the listings on Google My Business, organic search results show up as web pages.

Get Into the Habit of Blogging

To get noticed online, write on a topic, such as “How to Find the Best [the name of your city] DUI Attorney.” This is a great article to place on your website’s blog, as you can use the content on social media or create links from guest posts back to the content.

If your DUI law firm is not blogging often, you are missing out on the chance to build your law firm’s brand and become an authority in DUI. By creating blog topics that address your DUI clients’ concerns, you can regularly answer inquiries and increase your rankings. 

According to Legal Business World, legal sites that blog receive 182 search visits monthly. Compare that to the 3,000 visits that active legal bloggers receive.

Sponsor an Event-Related to Your DUI Practice

To increase your notice as a DUI lawyer, it also helps to use a little PR. In this case, you might sponsor a service, such as providing free rides home to holiday party-goers. This is a great way to rank for those all-important transactional keywords.

Backing this type of program may lead to local links from news stations, the local chamber of commerce, or related holiday events. You can also use your “position” and the keyword, “DUI lawyer,” to get listed on legal directory websites. 

Using Barnacle SEO to Generate Leads

Go to each legal directory site and list your law firm and contact details. You will get a local link for organic linking and also receive referral leads directly from each page. This type of SEO method is known as barnacle SEO. 

In simple terms, barnacle SEO is used to leverage the rankings of other websites for your own advantage. Therefore, you want to include your listing or content anywhere a potential client is seeking DUI help. 

Ranking Well for Informational Keywords

To rank for informational keywords, such as “DUI penalties,” you need to use the right keywords and write authoritative content that provides valuable answers. Therefore, you need to know what, in the DUI legal field, gets searched frequently.

Common Examples Informational Keywords Related to DUI

Below are examples of DUI informational keywords and example topics.

  • DUI [in state] – DUI in California: How to Understand the Process
  • First DUI [in state] – First DUI in California: What Are the Penalties?
  • Second DUI [in state] – California DUI Laws for Second Offenses
  • Third DUI [in state} – What You Should Know about Penalties for a Third DUI in California
  • Getting a DUI Reduced to [a lesser charge] in [state] – Getting a DUI Charge Reduced to a Reckless Driving Offense in California
  • What Happens When You Get a DUI in Another State? (search) – Example of Topic – Out-of-State DUI – California License Suspension
  • Underage DUI [in state] – The Fines and Penalties for Underage DUI in California

Most searchers of DUI topics want to know how the charge affects them in their state or outside their state if they get charged outside their jurisdiction. Underage DUI is also an oft-searched topic related to DUI. These are important factors to note as you develop your content and formulate a marketing strategy.

Learn more about how local SEO can make you stand out as a DUI lawyer. Contact Attorney Marketing Online at (888) 992-9529 or (323) 433-6529 for developing a marketing plan.