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Ways to Use Facebook to Boost Your Law Firm’s Marketing Efforts

Facebook is one of the channels that attorney social media marketing use. This social media is a powerful tool considering it has over 2 billion monthly active users. However, many marketers find this platform overwhelming. It takes a lot of time mastering how to advertise on social media. In this post, you’ll know how lawyers can effectively use it for their marketing campaigns. 


Ways Attorney Social Media Marketing on Facebook Must Be Done 


Publish Behind-the-Scenes

It’s crucial on Facebook to develop social connections and authentic conversations with users. Facebook is a great platform for creating your brand personality. Use this platform to humanize your law firm. One way to do that is to share behind-the-scenes snippets of your firm. You can share photos of your office pets if you have any. 


Use Humor

Facebook is used by billions of people to be entertained. Although you can educate your fans through your social media posts, the best way to engage them is to incorporate humor. However, the humor must be engaging and relevant to your firm or brand. In that case, it must not be offensive. 


Answer Frequently Asked questions 

Facebook users feel more confident in the brands if they can message them. Make sure that your Messenger is always active so that users can just send you a message if they want to ask something. Or you can publish posts about frequently asked questions about your practice or a certain case. 


Be Consistent 

You should ensure that the posts you publish on your Facebook channel are in line with your law firm. With a unified brand messaging, people can easily recognize your law firm. Your existing and potential clients can better understand your legal services. Furthermore, a similar message can help you connect with your audience more easily. 


Post Regularly 

The most active FB Pages have the most followers. To be active, you need to post content regularly. However, don’t post content on the fly. Rather, make sure you have a social media calendar to know what to post on certain dates. Having a social media calendar will help you avoid posting off-brand content. 


Track Results 

You’ll never know whether your marketing campaign is working if you don’t track its results. But before you track your results, you need to set goals. They can keep your firm accountable for your ROI. Tracking your results will also help in finding areas that require improvement. 


Update Essential Information 

Have you checked your About section? You should indicate your hours of operation, social media channels, your firm and practice area, and most of all, contact information. To further increase visibility, make sure to select the right business category.


Need More Tips to Boost Facebook Marketing Campaign? 

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