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Written Content to Drive Results for Your Law Firm Website

It’s not easy to produce written content for attorneys that drive results. Attorneys are always looking for new opportunities to increase new clients. One way to do that is to produce more relevant content. But what to write and how to write content that can generate results is a difficult puzzle. In this post, you’ll learn how to improve content writing for your law firm’s website. 


Drive Results with Outstanding Written Content for Attorneys

To dramatically improve your content to achieve more results, you should consider the following tips: 


Know Your Primary Audience

In other words, you should have a client persona. Hootsuite describes it as “A buyer persona is a detailed description of someone who represents your target audience. This persona is fictional but based on deep research of your existing or desired audience.” For instance, your client persona can be a female CEO from a certain company with high-net-worth. She runs her own business and has millions of assets to protect. She’s seeking an attorney to handle her divorce. Write directly from this persona. 


List Categories of Content 

You must not write content based on what you want to write about. Instead, opt to write content that your audience is seeking. For that reason, it’s crucial to have a list of content categories to guide your content creation. For instance, divorce mediation topics can include answers to whether or not mediation is more affordable than divorce. Then, talk about what to expect at mediation. 


Write for Your Audience

Spare your readers the legal jargon. Instead, you should write content that’s easy to understand. Then, make sure that you write short paragraphs with up to three sentences. Avoid using a lot of legalese because it won’t impress your audience. However, if your primary audience is a group of attorneys, then that’s the time you can sprinkle a lot of legal lingoes. 


Choose to Write Content That Drive Traffic 

Your goal for writing content is to drive traffic to your law firm. It has to generate leads. In that case, every piece of content that you produce must be information that searchers are looking for. 


  • Use Google to find what information searchers are looking for online. For instance, if you handle an immigration visa, Google results may include who is eligible for an H2B visa or can a visa holder apply for a green card. 
  • Produce content that answers questions that people are looking for. This type of content can surely drive valuable traffic to your law firm’s site. 


Promote Content 

You may be using SEO to drive traffic to your site. However, it takes time to see results. Thankfully, you can accelerate it by promoting it on social media platforms. How? This is where Attorney Marketing Online becomes useful. Our team will not only provide you with written content for attorneys that drive results but we also handle social media promotion. Talk to us to know more about our services: (888) 992-9529