Negative Feedback

What to Do When People Badmouth Your Law Firm Online

Social media has made it easier than ever to share ideas, opinions, and perspectives with other people. This may be considered a double-edged sword for law firms. However, negative feedback may not be so bad, as it also makes it easier to connect with potential clients and build your reputation as an authority in your field. 

Find Out How You Can Improve Your Status Online

With the right approach, social media can also help you identify potential new clients. When people badmouth your law firm on social media then, you need to work toward making everything right. After all, social channels offer you a chance to express yourself in a forum – one that allows you to show how much you care or support the needs of your clients.

No, you cannot hide out from what you perceive as a hateful message. Staying silent will not make the matter go away. Remaining silent only gives the bad mouther more power and actually makes it look like you do have something to hide.

The Internet has its share of bad reviews and comments. You only need to look at Facebook, Twitter, or review sites, such as Google or Yelp. People don’t hold back from leaving those scathing comments.

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To manage your online reputation, you need to partner with a digital marketing agency that handles reputation management for law firms. Even if you don’t deal directly with the people badmouthing your legal firm, it does lead to repercussions – some of which include fewer calls to your office and lower referrals over time.

While any negative feedback may make you cringe, you don’t need to despair. 

Yes – some of those comments do feel like personal attacks. However, you’re not some type of evil supervillain either. You may make mistakes just like everyone else. When you respond in a positive manner and with confidence, you’re less likely to drive potential clients away.

In fact, you may get more calls than you expected. You just need to develop a strategy – one that will make those negative comments “blessings in disguise.”

Respond to negative reviews as soon as possible

If a negative review comes in, respond as soon as possible. There’s no room for emotions when you reply. Stay objective by taking a deep breath first. Use your response to clarify the facts and correct any misgivings or misunderstandings. 

Don’t get off on the wrong foot by getting defensive or argumentative right off the bat. Instead, acknowledge the commenter’s experience, and then turn the focus back onto your law firm. Make helpful suggestions on how you can improve things or make things right. 

To keep things from getting inflammatory or explosive, suggest they call your office so you can resolve the matter privately. Don’t delete comments if they are made by people truly upset who need to feel they’re being heard.

Don’t feed the trolls

While some people need to be taken seriously. Some commenters only enjoy stirring up trouble. There’s no reason to give negative reviewers an audience when it’s not necessary. Blocking negative reviewers from seeing your posts is a great way to keep the peace without shutting them out completely. 

If you don’t know who the reviewer is, then you are better off, in this case, ignoring the comment. Either that or kill them with kindness. You can also disarm them with humor. Always decompress before you respond and, remember, always remain professional.

If a review is clearly meant to bully or harass, remain above the fray and don’t give it any more attention than it deserves. Like all negative comments, always focus on being professional, neutral, and polite.

Use the criticism to improve your law firm operations

Naturally, it’s no fun to be the subject of a bad review, but it also can help you form an honest appraisal of your legal firm too. Read the feedback and criticism carefully, and identify the underlying issues. Don’t divert blame. Address the issue directly.

Once you understand what needs to change, take steps to fix it immediately. If the review is particularly scorching, consider asking the reviewer to connect with you directly to see if you can address their concerns. If the reviewer isn’t interested in speaking with you, you can use the feedback as a form of constructive criticism by making some positive changes as you move forward.

Offer a helping hand

For every negative review, there are probably 10 positive ones out there. If you can, try to “correct” the negative review by providing additional information about your law firm and writing valuable content online

“Like” the negative review, and add your two cents to help clarify the situation. If your law firm has a Facebook page, you can also post a public response to the comment. Always remember to remain polite and non-judgmental.

Give it a rest

If some negative feedback just won’t go away and there’s nothing you can do to address it, don’t try to force the issue. Let it run its course and, again,  work at posting informational articles and staying on top of positive comments. 

After a while, any derogatory messages will stop getting comments or “likes,” and, like a falling tree, you won’t hear it won’t make a sound.

Wrapping things up

Negative reviews or comments on your law firm’s social media or review pages may pop up from time to time. They are a part of doing business.

What’s important is how you respond to them. Establish a few simple rules for responding to negative feedback, and make it a habit to follow them. 

By responding gracefully and calmly, you can turn a potentially devastating situation into an opportunity – one that will improve your law firm operations and its public image over time.

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