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Why Visitors May Be Leaving Your Legal Website?

If you run a legal practice and have a website, chances are you are getting visitors. However, the real question is how many of them have returned. Even more importantly, how many potential clients have left your attorney website and chosen another law firm?  Do you feel like visitors are leaving your legal website too soon? If so, you need to contact a legal marketing agency – a company that understands website development inside and out. Doing so is an important decision, as it will free you up to do what you do best and that is taking care of legal cases and practicing your craft.

Change Your Navigation on Your Legal Website

Bad navigation can be a huge turnoff for website visitors. Therefore, make sure that your guests get answers to their questions fast. This can be done by checking who is looking for your site on Google.

What are their questions or concerns? What is the message you’re getting in the search results? You’ll need these answers when seeking keywords and phrases to incorporate into your site’s or blog’s content and headers.

If someone is looking for information, they shouldn’t feel lost on your site. To make things handier, include an internal search bar on your website so visitors can search through your site more easily. 

In addition, make sure your site navigation is consistent across all of the pages. A visitor should be able to navigate each page without feeling confused. 

For example, they shouldn’t click on a link and suddenly feel lost or unsure about their next move. This only lends to frustration. The key here is to set up a website that is free of distraction, and easy to follow.

What is Your Site’s Infrastructure?

Potential clients also exit your website when the site is not well-structured. What is the linking strategy internally? Have you created a lot of orphaned pages? Or, have recent design changes increased bounce rates? This can leave people hopping back to Google and re-entering their search questions online.

Leverage Your Site’s Traffic for What You Plan to Spend in Ads

To effectively leverage your site’s activities, review your historic traffic of qualified clients so you can receive the best ROI for each dollar you spend on ads. You can establish this retroactively, even if you don’t plan to spend money on ads currently. Ads, too, will help you build a stronger website – one that people will return to time and again.

Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Good content marketing is one of the best ways to get new visitors to click on your website. If your visitors can’t find your website, they won’t find the information they hope to seek. You can make it easier for them to find you when you present quality content – content that is valuable and simple to read.

Blogs are a great way to reach out to your target audience and show them who you are in the legal community. 

Ask a few questions before you begin. For example, what are you trying to achieve with your legal website? What are your specific objectives? What are the problems you are looking to solve for your clients? 

All of these questions must be answered before you jump into your content marketing strategy. By addressing these concerns, you’ll be able to understand what your blog should or shouldn’t be covering. Moreover, it will help you decipher what your readers want and how you can better serve them.

Fix the Look and Feel of Your Website’s Design

The look and feel of your legal website play a major role in the visitor experience. If your website doesn’t look professional enough, visitors will think that your services are substandard. 

Naturally, if you are selling legal services, you want to gain your client’s confidence from the start. You want to appeal to your target market. Make sure you are using certain attributes to contribute to your site’s look and feel. 

Consider the site’s design, images, color palette, and types of fonts. This is better done when you work with a digital marketing company that specializes in web development for the legal community. They can help you make the right choices.

Don’t Forget About Mobile Users

As you know, not everyone who visits your attorney website will do so from a computer. Many people will visit it from their phones. 

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then these people will typically leave without seeing your content. While your website’s design might look great on a computer, it may be harder to navigate on a smaller screen. 

The images might also be too large for a smaller electronic, resulting in distortion and poor resolution. By relying on a digital marketing agency, you can stay updated on your website’s level of engagement and mobility.

Be Clear About What You Offer and Who You’re Serving

Again, most people who land on your website are looking to solve a problem.

This is usually their key motivation. Ask, “What is the problem they’re trying to solve?” Consider how you are answering their questions.

That means you need to be very clear about what you offer and who you serve. You can do this through your content marketing strategy or even on a separate page. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you do, how you can help them, and why they should choose you. 

You don’t have to be too pushy or subtle. Just be factual and get to the point fairly fast. By taking this approach, they’ll feel more confident about contacting you.

Include a Call to Action

Don’t be afraid to ask for your visitor’s business. Always add a call to action (CTA), such as “Call us now” or “Contact us” on your legal website. Make it easy for your legal website’s guests to get in touch with you directly. If they’ve kept scrolling down the page, they’re interested in what you’re offering. 

Show Off Your Attorney’s Personality

Attorneys are people, just like everyone else. They have feelings, emotions, likes, and dislikes. They have hobbies, children, and pets. They are real human beings and they want their clients to see that online. 

Don’t be afraid to show off your attorney personality. You can do this by posting pictures of you or your colleagues at events – with family and friends. 

Posting pictures is a great way to engage with clients, and show them that you’re a person, not someone who is merely seeking someone’s check. With this type of approach, people are more likely to contact you and even recommend you down the road.

Summing It All Up

Your legal website is a niche website. It presents an excellent forum to engage with potential clients and build your business. To ensure people don’t leave, you have to make a solid commitment to improving any web design issues or the feel of your site.

Who to Call for Legal Digital Marketing Services

To ensure you’re seen and that people continue to visit your platform, you need to depend on a digital marketing agency that is committed to developing attorney websites online. To begin this journey, contact Attorney Marketing. Online – your one go-to source for everything in the legal digital marketing sphere.

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