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Getting Clients with a Blog: How Is It Possible?

The legal industry is competitive. Getting clients is the most difficult part of running a law practice. When you have a website for your law firm, don’t just use it to advertise your firm. Rather, use an attorney blogging service to help you educate your visitors and gain their trust. According to this study, 96% of people are using search engines to look for attorneys. Some of those who started to search for an attorney online wound up calling an attorney. 


How an Attorney Blogging Service Can Help? 

Blogging is undeniably a free way to advertise your law services. Most small law firms have limited marketing budgets. You may use TV ads, billboards, and mailers. But these forms of advertising are expensive. If you operate a website, you can advertise your legal firm in the cheapest yet most effective way. Indeed, there are some start-up costs you have to endure, but the overall cost is still affordable. 


Potential Clients Can Easily Find You in Search Results 

As mentioned, 96% of people who are looking for attorneys are using search engines and most of them will contact just one lawyer. And they always call the firms that are on the first page of the search results page. If searchers are looking for a way to help them be properly compensated after sustaining an injury while working, they may find your blog post about what to do after an accident in an office. 


Having an active blog on your site will bring new clients. As you keep on providing fresh and new content, you will soon end up on top of the search list. It’s also important to note that the majority of legal searches are not branded. It means that clients are not searching for topics. They are also not searching for the name of the firm. Rather, they are searching for articles that can help them with their legal issues. 


Make Your Law Firm More Credible 

The blog posts on your website will show off your expertise as a lawyer. People are likely to trust your site that offers accurate information about their issues than a law firm’s site that only provides contact information. Writing about various legal topics will showcase how skilled you are as a counselor. 


attorney bloggingStand Out from the Competition 

Although the majority of law firms have their own websites, only a small portion of them maintain blogs. Most of them will only expose their contact information and the achievements of their law firm. Searchers aren’t interested in the plaque of recognition that you received from a certain office. Instead, they are more interested in reading how you can help them with their legal issues through the blog posts published on your site. However, you can publish as many blog posts as you want. But if they are not engaging, useful, and memorable, your visitors still won’t hire your law firm. 


Use an Attorney Marketing Company 

Our attorney marketing services include attorney blogging that will help you publish fresh content regularly to attract more visitors and make your law firm appear more credible. Talk to one of our representatives to know how you can take advantage of this service: (888) 477-9540