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Using Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

Attorney social media marketing is such an essential tool in advertising your legal services. It doesn’t matter what legal specialty you offer. Marketing your legal services on social media networks can give a huge boost to your online presence. Unfortunately, some law firms are struggling to utilize the tools of social media to their advantage. 


Ways Your Law Firm Can Benefit from Attorney Social Media Marketing 


Creating Brand Awareness 

People spend most of their time on social media. According to this report, 44% of consumers increased their use of social media networks. With a strong social presence, you can get your message in front of your right audience. It can help in creating brand awareness. If you use it along with SEO and PPC, there’s no doubt your potential clients will remember you each time they need your service. 


Attract Potential Clients

When it comes to attracting new clients, the traditional TV ads and billboards may no longer work. The reason for this is that most people will ignore these forms of advertising. But because most people are now on social media, there’s a huge chance that your potential market is using the same social media channels as you do. 


This survey found that 35% of attorneys who are using social media professionally have successfully managed to gain new clients. If you want the same result, then make sure to consider marketing your law firm on social media.


Become a Leader in Your Industry 

One of the reasons social media networks have been an effective tool in attracting clients is that they can showcase your expertise. You can answer the questions of your followers on the spot. Every time you share valuable information about a particular topic on social media, it can boost your credibility, thereby, winning the trust of your target market. 


Boost SEO Efforts 

Up to now, Google hasn’t confirmed yet if social signals are a ranking factor. But there are several studies that showed a correlation between increased social signals and better search engine ranking. Furthermore, Google continues to provide features that bring in content, such as social feeds in its search results. In that case, having a strong social media presence can make your site more visible on search results. 


attorney social media marketingFind Conversations Around Your Legal Firm 

Brand listening is one of the uses of social media for attorneys. You can use branded keyword searches on social media to find conversations about your specialties. It’s an effective way to know what people are saying about your industry and how they feel about your law firm. 


You can join the conversation and demonstrate your expertise. That’s not all as brand listening can prevent your law firm from being caught off-guard. You can also avoid getting negative reviews. Every time your law firm receives negative PR, you can quickly alleviate them. However, brand monitoring on social media can be taxing. You may not have enough time to do so. 


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