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How Law Firms Stay Competitive with Content Writing?

Written content for law firms is different from the blog posts on any random blog. The reason for this is that content for law firms must be truthful to establish trust. Most law firms are getting their clients through referrals. And referrals won’t exist without trust. It’s one reason law firms need to showcase their expertise online. Remember that most people who are looking to hire an attorney will perform a search online before they contact a lawyer. These people don’t go to the physical office of a lawyer. Rather, they visit their websites to know more about the lawyer’s services. 


How Written Content for Law Firms Can Help Lawyers Stay Competitive? 

A law firm can have a website with several pages that share the achievements of its attorneys. But it’s not enough to gain the trust of their potential clients. They know that anyone can just write their achievements and flaunt them online. That’s why many law firms now are publishing blog posts on their respective websites. These blogs will help them showcase their expertise. But just because written content is vital to establish trust, it doesn’t mean that lawyers can just throw any article they can think of. 


How to Write Content for Law Firms? 

Lawyers can write the most useful articles for their potential clients. They publish them on their respective clients. But what they don’t realize is that having a well-written post alone will be insufficient. No one will find that useful content about personal injury or DUI cases if it doesn’t contain one element — keyword phrase. 


Here are the things needed to ensure that useful content will reach potential clients online. 


  • Write topics about certain keywords. Keywords are vital to ensure that search engines know what the topic is all about. But don’t just write content around keywords. Search engines have gotten smarter. People are also smarter. They know how to evaluate quality content. Instead, law firms must only publish blog content based on actual topics related to the legal industry. In that case, law firms must write for topics that match the content that potential clients are searching for. 
  • Write for clients. Law firms’ audience is not every person on the Internet. Rather, it’s only a small group of online users. That’s why law firms need to determine their client personas. That is, it has to be people who are ready to hire an attorney. 
  • Publish Different Types of Content: Written content isn’t the only type of content useful for law firms. Audio and visual types of content can also be useful. These types of content can be podcasts or videos. 


Now, the question is, do law firms have enough time to publish high-quality content regularly for their audience? The definite answer is no. Lawyers are busy. That’s why many lawyers are opting to hire SEO companies to help them market their law firms online. 


Written content for law firms isn’t the only thing that SEO companies can do. Instead, they can provide more value to law firms to ensure visibility online. To know more about how our digital marketing for law firms can help your legal services, please consult with our experts here: (888) 477-9540