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What are Adwords Campaigns for Lawyers?

Adwords, if you don’t know how it works yet, is an ad campaign by Google. A campaign consists of various ad groups. Every ad group has different ad texts based on the keywords a searcher types into the Google search engine. In other words, Adwords campaigns are a way for your law firm to reach out to your potential clients. However, just like SEO, Adwords is confusing. It’s also expensive if you don’t work with an attorney Adwords management company. 


How Can Attorney Adwords Management Company Help? 

There are several challenges law marketers face. One of those challenges is the cost of Adwords campaigns. On Google, lawyer and attorney are two of the most expensive keywords. Every click can go up to $100, especially for keywords, like personal injury lawyer and lawyer for DUI. In other words, you can spend a minimum of $50,000 per month on PPC. 


Without an expert managing your campaign, you won’t see a return immediately. You may even pay more without seeing your ROI. That’s why it’s easy to abandon the paid search. But if you work with a company that will manage your Adwords campaign, your PPC can be a vital channel to grow your law firm substantially. 


Can Adwords Campaigns Give Your Law Firm More Leads? 

If done properly, your campaign can give you more leads. It puts your law firm on top of the search results for certain keywords. The area in the search results page for top paid results is limited. Google can only offer 3 positions. Your campaign must appear in one of the three positions. But it’s only possible if your ad is well-targeted. The more clicks your ad gets, the lower the cost of your ads will be. Once you hit those elements, your campaign will likely show up in the top three positions for paid search. And we all know that more visibility means more leads. 


How to Make Sure Your Campaign Stands Out? 

One of the critical ways to ensure that your ads would stand out is to conduct competitive research. You can start by finding the keywords in your area. Many lawyers are practicing in one state or a portion of that state. 


  • Craft the best CTA. To stand out, you need to craft relevant call-to-action that piques your audience’s interest and they will act immediately. 
  • Use ad extensions. Search what your competitors’ extensions are. But don’t copy their extensions. Rather, you need to make yours better.
  • Differentiate your law firm. If you have 24-hour customer service, make sure to highlight it in your campaign. You should include the services that you offer that make your law firm better than your competitors. 


How to Make It Easier? 

As mentioned, Adwords can be expensive, if you’re not careful. And if you don’t know what to do, you’ll pay thousands of dollars per month without getting the ROI you want. This is why you need to partner with an attorney Adwords management team to manage all your campaigns and reduce the overall cost of PPC. You may schedule a free consultation by filling out this form or call us here: (888) 477-9540.