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How to Use Short Form Videos to Increase Your Law Firm’s Influence

According to Influencer MarketingHub, short form videos are an ideal way to support your brand and build client trust. To understand how to use them to your advantage, you need to define them and find out the best ways to use them for lead generation and branding. 

How Short Form Videos are Used

Short form videos are frequently used on social media platforms, where they naturally capture viewer interest. Because the videos are short, viewers can get the information they need in small bite-sized pieces that do not lead to cognitive overload.

Your video’s length depends on where you place the content. For example, if you add a video to Facebook, it should be about 60 seconds to 3 minutes in length. Place it on YouTube Shorts, and it should take no more than a minute to view. TikTok videos may last as long as 15 seconds up to 10 minutes. 

Short form video marketing is trending because it’s proven to work.


Because it is fun and interactive – not stuffy or formal. Using short form branded content that is authentic and genuine increases your clients’ trust and willingness to recognize your legal firm’s services.

Therefore, using this form of communication offers an excellent way to gain people’s attention and encourage them to spread good words about your law firm. It also reduces the time required to convey messages about your brand.

You only need to say what has to be said. Scripting this form of content is far different than writing a legal brief. It needs to be both short and succinct. To understand why you should add short form video marketing to your marketing campaigns, you only need to review the advantages.

Receive a Higher Level of Engagement

Unlike a static image, a short form posted video is proven to attract more responses in the form of likes, shares, and comments on social media platforms. Adding the videos has been tried and tested, and is proven to work on social media channels and blogs.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, short term videos drive more traffic while long term videos are better used to build client loyalty. Short term reels show up on user feeds but longer videos serve as the foundation for your practice’s content.

Easy-to-Digest Information

People don’t have a lot of time to stop to watch videos or read blog posts. That is why short term video marketing works. People can view the content and spend less time on one video. This also gives you the opportunity to produce more videos. 

However, don’t allow that fact to cause you to compromise on quality. It’s better to produce a couple of well-imagined and informative video posts than a series of quickly produced videos that lack unique content.

The more engaging your video, the more interest you’ll gain from your audience.

Entrepreneur Magazine adds that professional practices that feature webinars or host interviews benefit more from longer videos. On the other hand, short-form videos are ideal for supporting how-to content or a minute or two-minute tutorial.

If you use your long-term videos correctly, you can replace them or repurpose them for short-form video content.

Also, when you add short-term video content to your legal website, you can greatly improve search engine optimization (SEO). 

Repurposing the Content

Add short-term videos so visitors can scroll for a longer time. When people engage more frequently on your website Google positions the site higher in the search results. You can also use short-term videos when sending out emails or newsletters.

Again, it pays to use both long-term and short-term video content, as you can also cut or splice longer videos. For example, you might be able to produce a short-form video, simply by combining text, audio, and imaging. 

If you use the same short-term video on several social media channels, you’ll need to make slight formatting modifications depending on the social media site where the video appears.

A Good Return on Investment (ROI)

Because short-form videos boast higher conversion rates, online marketers continue to use them when promoting legal firms online. According to Influencer MarketingHub, the average person spends about 60 minutes per week watching social media videos.

Therefore, you cannot miss out on the ROI you’ll receive by focusing on high-quality videos to market your practice.

How Shorter Videos Spark User-Generated Content or Testimonials

If video viewers watch videos that testify to your firm’s services, they’ll be more likely to contact you about legal advice. People tend to trust it more when they can hear the testimonies of people who have already established a relationship with a legal practice. You can also use podcasts to promote the same response.

Short Explainer Videos

If you want to get your firm noticed, you also have to show your expertise. This can be done through the use of short explainer videos, especially animations. An animated video makes everything more fun and interesting. Any content that solves and educates a client will also build trust and brand loyalty.

By adding educational videos to your social media channel, you can spark interest from viewers – one that will incentivize them to find out more about your firm’s services, or a specific service that applies to them.

Who to Contact about Video Marketing

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