lawyer online reputation management

Is Online Reputation Management Important for Lawyers?

The short answer is, yes. Lawyer online reputation management is vital for your practice. But you might think that reputation management is only for big law firms. You would believe that you could just ignore what your clients are saying about your legal services. Unfortunately, we’re no longer living in that era where your clients have no room for feedback. 

Remember that 71% of consumers now are using Google to search for services or businesses. You don’t want your law firm to appear untrustworthy and disreputable on SERPs. 

Lawyer Online Reputation Management in a Nutshell 

ORM, per se, is about monitoring your law firm across the web. By monitoring it, you can ensure that your potential clients will have a great impression of your law firm and what you do.

How an Efficient ORM Can Benefit Your Law Firm? 


Consider ORM as personal recommendations. Consumers read online reviews. They trust the reviews as much as a referral from a friend. You might have happy clients who leave positive reviews. But there will always be people who won’t be satisfied with your legal services. This is where online reputation management comes in. Every time a negative review arises, the manager will deal with it immediately. 

Affect Clients’ Decisions 

If you don’t manage your online reputation, it can cost you your client base. People conduct online research before they hire a lawyer. How your law firm appears online will be a factor when they make a decision. Should they hire you or not? If they see a few negative reviews, they might think of you as untrustworthy. So, they move to another lawyer, i.e. your competitor. 

Obtain Positive Feedback 

Managing your online reputation means monitoring any mention of your law firm. You can begin by gathering useful insights on your feedback and customer satisfaction. There’s no need to create polls or surveys. Just ask your existing clients for some feedback and you can add it to your website. 

What’s the Vital Thing in Managing Your Reputation Online? 

To have a successful online reputation management strategy, you need a process. 

  • Perform an audit. This will help you uncover how people are seeing your legal firm online. 
  • Set up ORM strategy. Once you know how are people seeing your legal firm, it’s time to strategize. 
  • Monitor mentions efficiently. Being proactive is the best strategy you can come up with when monitoring your reputation online. You may use a brand monitoring tool for this purpose. However, it’s more efficient if you have an agency that can do this for you. 
  • Use SEO. SEO works when it comes to online reputation management. The job of SEO here is to show your legal firm on the SERPs for the branded keywords so your site will rank highly. 

Need More Help in Managing Your Online Reputation? 

It can be confusing for you to manage it. Hence, if you want to be more efficient and focus on your clients, you can hire our lawyer online reputation management service. Call us to know more about it: (888) 477-9540.