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Should You Use No Follow or Follow Links on Your Legal Website?

SEO does matter for law firms. With lawyer SEO services, you can get your law firm’s site to generate more traffic. And more traffic means getting leads. There are many aspects of SEO that are difficult to understand or complicated to implement. In this post, though, we’ll talk about when to use no-follow or should even use it? 


When to Use No Follow Tag in Lawyer SEO? 

Links are vital in SEO. Even on your law firm’s websites, you need to be careful in how to use links on your site. If you’re careless, you’ll get penalized just by adding links from certain websites. 


So when do you use no-follow links? You use the no-follow tag if you want to tell the search engines that you can’t vouch for the site you’re linking to. A no-follow link means that search engines won’t count it as link juice. 


Here are the best scenarios where you can use no-follow links


  • Comments: People will just comment on someone’s website just to get a link back to their websites. Even if their comments are irrelevant and don’t make sense, they just leave a comment for the sake of getting link juice. And to prevent irrelevant links, you can use no-follow. 
  • Don’t want to give the site owners a boost. For some reason, you just need to link to a certain site for reference. If you can’t vouch for that link, you can tell Google not to count it so the link won’t give a boost to the eyes of Google. 
  • Not relevant to your niche. You can vouch for the site’s credibility. But it’s not relevant to your site’s niche. For instance, you have a blog post about personal injury and you link to a site about how to heal an injury. Your legal firm’s website isn’t relevant to that site. Thus, you can use a no-follow link. 
  • Paid to link. Although you rarely include sponsored content on your legal firm’s website, it does happen. And if you need to include sponsored content on your blog, you can link to your sponsor’s website but use a no-follow tag. 
  • Links on some pages of your site. If your site has a sidebar and it appears on every page on your site, you must mark the links as no-follow. That’s why footer links are no-follow links. 


Are No Follow Links Beneficial? 

If your site is getting no-follow links from other websites, you should not fret. Keep in mind that your backlinks need to be varied. That is, you need to get follow and no-follow links. If you only get follow links, Google will suspect that you’re participating in a link scheme, which the search engine giant frowns upon. 


If you’re not sure how and when to use no-follow links on your legal firm’s website, please give us a call. We offer consultation to help us better explain how our lawyer SEO services will fit into your online marketing campaign. Please dial this number to contact us: (888) 477-9540