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What SEO Plugin is Ideal for Your Law Firm’s WordPress Website?

The legal niche is a competitive area in SEO. If you want your law firm to succeed and get the results that you want, you need to implement the most effective SEO techniques or you can just hire an attorney SEO company, like Attorney Marketing Online. If you have an existing WordPress website, you might wonder what SEO plugins you can use to help your campaign. Before that, though, let’s talk about the benefits of SEO for lawyer’s websites. 


What are the Benefits of Implementing Attorney SEO Techniques? 

SEO, per se, is vital to draw in more traffic. But it’s not just any traffic. What we’re talking of here is the traffic that converts into qualified leads. It means that the visitors are likely to become your clients. 


  • Outrank your competition. And it’s the local competition that you’re outranking through SEO. Local competition is tighter than national competition. The reason for this is that people who are looking for lawyers want to hire a lawyer in their neighborhood and not from someone outside their state or country. 
  • Drive more phone calls. It’s one of the benefits of attorney SEO. You can get more phone calls. But these calls won’t just inquire about your services. Rather, they are calls from people who want to hire your services. 
  • Collect positive reviews. They are vital because they can help boost your online reputation. Keep in mind that even though you have solved thousands of cases, they are still nothing if your online reputation is rotten or scarce. Keep in mind that reviews are vital for your ranking. 


These aren’t the only benefits of implementing SEO or hiring our SEO services. There are plenty more you can receive once the implementation is done. 


Now, it’s time to know what plugins you would want to use for your WordPress website. 


Which SEO Plugin is Best for WordPress? 

If there’s only one plugin you can use for your WordPress, it should be Yoast. It’s a comprehensive plugin that can help you optimize your page. It’s also configured for Google Search Console. Plus, it automates sitemap and robots.txt. They are all vital in SEO. 


However, you need to remember that the SEO plugin doesn’t take care of everything. It means that you must not rely on it for your SEO campaign. It may handle some aspects of optimization but it doesn’t cover everything, like backlinks and other off-page SEO aspects. 


If you don’t have time to implement SEO on your law firm’s website, don’t just rely on some plugins. Instead, choose to hire a reputable company that will implement the right SEO strategies. It means that the company won’t just focus on on-page SEO but also off-page and technical SEO. Furthermore, the SEO specialists will continue monitoring your site for any flaws that can affect your rankings. 


By choosing to work with our attorney SEO team, you can increase your search traffic and get better-qualified leads. To know more about our services, please contact us at (888) 477-9540