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Ways to Create Effective Google Ads for Lawyers

If you think that attorney PPC is ideal for your law firm, you can spend time familiarizing yourself with the platform. Even if you choose to hire a professional PPC manager, you still need to at least know how it works. The better understanding you have about this system, the more effective the ads will be for you. Remember that many lawyers rely completely on professionals. Unfortunately, these so-called pros are just taking advantage of their lack of knowledge. 


Tips for Creating Effective Attorney PPC Ads 


Choose the Right Keywords 

PPC isn’t SEO. However, it still relies on choosing the right keywords. Every Google ad starts with the right keyword strategy to be successful. Legal keywords are costly. If you don’t pick the right ones, you’ll end up spending more and getting little in return. 


Use Long-Tail Keywords 

You can reduce the cost of Google ads by bidding on long-tail keywords. According to Wordstream, “Long-tail keywords are valuable for businesses who want their content to rank in organic Google searches, but they’re potentially even more valuable for advertisers running paid search marketing campaigns. That’s because when you bid on long-tailed keywords, the cost per click is inevitably lower, since there’s less competition.” 


Add Effective Headline 

Keywords are just a part of the puzzle. When it comes to Google ads, the headlines are critical. Remember that you need to grab the person’s attention in seconds. Thus, your headline must be captivating enough that the person will have no choice but to click your ad.


Include Contact Information 

Some people don’t like clicking ads. When they see your ads on Google or other websites that showcase Google ads, they simply dial the number found on the ad. Thus, you must include your contact information. 


Avoid Being Overly “Salesy”

Keep in mind that you’re not selling shoes or beauty products. What you’re selling are your legal services. Thus, you don’t want to be overly promotional. However, you still need to use a few phrases that can build trust. For instance, you can add free consultation. 


Talk to a Professional 

As mentioned, it can be easy to set up Google Ads if you work with a professional. But before you hire one, you need to know the company’s reputation and make sure that it can show you successful cases. 


Set Up the Ads Properly 

Google Adwords is a powerful advertising channel for some law firms. If you set it up properly, you can see a steady uptick in consultation or inquiries about your services. With the help of a professional Google ads expert, you will see a positive ROI in a matter of days or weeks. Spend time learning about Google ads before working with a professional attorney PPC expert. Call Attorney Marketing Online today to know more about how we can help you write great ads that increase your ROI and gain trust among potential clients: (888) 992-9529