Digital Marketing Trend

Digital Marketing Trends that Help Legal Firms Get Ahead

There is an abundance of information available about digital marketing trends. Needless to say, it is a challenge to keep track of all the changes and new strategies constantly being introduced. Currently, we live in a fast-paced world where innovation is happening at lightning speed.  Learning More about Staying Afloat: Examining Digital Marketing Trends This…

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Law firm reputation management

Law Firm Reputation Management: How to Stay on Top in the Legal Field

To stay on top in the legal field and build your presence online, you need to focus on law firm reputation management. Begin your search by stepping into your client’s shoes first. Ask “What are they searching for?” Do so in incognito mode so what you’re browsing does not influence your research. Don’t use your…

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Negative Reviews

How to Handle Negative Reviews that Attack Your Law Firm’s Reputation

Face it. You may be both empathetic and conscientious. However, you’re bound to eventually experience a negative comment. It will still happen. That’s because legal activities sometimes turn out to be uncertain. As a lawyer, you must deal with stressful situations. Plus, in some cases, you need to find the best “bad” solution to a…

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SEO Localization

Going Local and Mobile for SEO

Despite being two distinct concepts, mobile and local SEO work well together, much like “salt and pepper.” Within the context of web marketing, they are no longer distinct methods or strategies. Any genuine digital marketing campaign fully incorporates them. Both require immediate attention, examination, investigation, and investment.  Mobile Optimization and SEO Localization Mobile optimization and…

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Meta Business Suite

How to Use Meta Business Suite for Your Law Firm

The free platform, formerly called Facebook Business Suite, is now known as Meta Business Suite. The application is beneficial to both small and medium-sized legal firms. You can effortlessly manage your  Facebook and Instagram profiles simultaneously with the updated app. Advantages of Meta Business Suite Apps Use Meta Business Suites (MBS) to do the following:…

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social media engagement

11 Ways for Lawyers to Increase Social Media Engagement

Have you ever wondered why no one responds to your social media posts? You’re not alone, to be sure. To capture an audience, you have to do more than just blog. You must also be inventive – smart and amusing at times, with a dash of controversy thrown in for good measure. That means thinking…

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social media manager

Why You Need a Social Media Manager for Your Law Firm

The social media boom has created an entirely new set of marketing tools, and law firms must embrace those changes if they want to succeed. This means that, if you want to remain relevant as a practice, you’ll need to use social media as part of your strategy. By using the skills of a social…

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