social media manager

Why You Need a Social Media Manager for Your Law Firm

The social media boom has created an entirely new set of marketing tools, and law firms must embrace those changes if they want to succeed. This means that, if you want to remain relevant as a practice, you’ll need to use social media as part of your strategy. By using the skills of a social…

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Legal website marketing and design

Why Lawyers Should Outsource their Legal Website Marketing and Design

Your creation of a legal website is not something to take lightly. In terms of cost and time, outsourcing is the best way to convey your message. You just need to make sure the firm you choose to manage your legal website marketing and design will make it well worth your while. Therefore, you need…

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reputation management plan

How to Improve Your Legal Firm’s Standing with a Reputation Management Plan

A law firm’s reputation is one of the first things new clients think about when are seeking help from an attorney. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you develop a robust reputation management plan right from the get-go.  Developing a Reputation Management Plan: Fitting Together the Pieces The term ‘reputation management’ refers to…

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Attorney Web Design

Important Information to Include On Your Attorney Web Design Plan

Important Information to Include On Your Attorney Web Design Plan In order to locate the most excellent personal trainer, restaurant, medical expert, or other professional, what is the first place you look? You’re browsing online more frequently than not, and your prospective legal clients are doing the same thing. That is why having an attorney…

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mobile friendly website

How to Create a Mobile Friendly Website for Your Legal Practice

Most people refer to their smartphones when they’re seeking legal advice or help. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a mobile friendly website. Doing so will make it easier to be found and also make it more convenient for your clients to contact you quickly. Why You Need to Make Sure You Have…

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law firm content audit

What Is a Law Firm Content Audit?

It’s necessary to perform a law firm content audit on a regular basis to review your website’s weaknesses and strengths. Conducting an audit will help you see how your website’s content is performing so you can make the needed improvements.  If the content on your site is not driving traffic, it can trigger two major…

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short form video

How to Produce a Short Form Video that Generates Leads

Knowing the best practices for producing short form video will help you in your efforts to generate leads and build trust and credibility. To do things right, you need to know the best practices for creating this type of video. Research shows that short term video productions increase viewer engagement, so you need to follow…

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short form videos

How to Use Short Form Videos to Increase Your Law Firm’s Influence

According to Influencer MarketingHub, short form videos are an ideal way to support your brand and build client trust. To understand how to use them to your advantage, you need to define them and find out the best ways to use them for lead generation and branding.  How Short Form Videos are Used Short form…

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influence marketing

How Influence Marketing Can Support Your Law Firm’s Brand

Influence marketing represents a tried and true strategy for advertising legal services. Its popularity has expanded as the use of social media has grown. You can use both sponsored and organic methods to introduce this marketing technique, which works out well in conjunction with content marketing and social media campaigns. Therefore, influencers can be used…

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Explainer Video

Using an Explainer Video to Drive Law Firm Traffic

  One of the great ways a lawyer can get noticed online is by adding an explainer video to his or her website. Explainer videos are popular, as they come in various types and they’re short (no longer than 3 minutes) and to the point. Therefore, they hold the viewer’s attention and, in turn, generate…

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