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Should Lawyers Use Social Media Marketing? Is It Effective?

Lawyers must use social media. Why? 3.8 billion people are using social media. And 54% of consumers are utilizing social media to search before making a purchase. With those numbers, you can’t ignore the value of social media to promote your law firm. And if you’re wondering whether you’re the only law firm that will…

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What SEO Plugin is Ideal for Your Law Firm’s WordPress Website?

The legal niche is a competitive area in SEO. If you want your law firm to succeed and get the results that you want, you need to implement the most effective SEO techniques or you can just hire an attorney SEO company, like Attorney Marketing Online. If you have an existing WordPress website, you might…

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Should You Use No Follow or Follow Links on Your Legal Website?

SEO does matter for law firms. With lawyer SEO services, you can get your law firm’s site to generate more traffic. And more traffic means getting leads. There are many aspects of SEO that are difficult to understand or complicated to implement. In this post, though, we’ll talk about when to use no-follow or should…

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The Benefits of Blogging for Attorneys

You were advised to start a website so your potential clients can easily reach you online. But we all know that having a website alone will not quickly boost your site’s popularity. That’s why opting for a blog or a written content for law firms that aims to educate others about many legal issues is…

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Get the Attention of Your Clients with PPC

Growing your client roster with an ad may seem like a wonderful idea. However, incorporating PPC into your SEO can be quite expensive if you’re not sure what you’re doing. And this is where an attorney Adwords management service becomes a vital part in driving more clients to your law firm.    Why Use Attorney…

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How to Prevent Clients to See Your Negative Reviews Online?

Do you need a lawyer online reputation management agency? Is that necessary? If you’re one of those attorneys who are still wondering why you need to invest boost your online reputation, then this post is for you.    Killing Negative Reviews Through Lawyer Online Reputation Management Service  Is that even possible? That is, eliminating those…

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Building Thought Leadership Through Social Media

If you are still using traditional marketing for your legal firm, then don’t be surprised that you’re not getting more clients. Do you know what your competitors are doing now? They implement a so-called attorney social media marketing. It’s a kind of strategy that involves social media.  Now, you’re wondering why you would want to…

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Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Website

An attorney SEO service is what you need if you wish to increase traffic to your site and improve your leads. Most people who need an attorney would use Google and other search engines to find the best lawyer for their legal issues. They don’t use those yellow pages anymore. Furthermore, they don’t pay attention to…

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Getting Clients with a Blog: How Is It Possible?

The legal industry is competitive. Getting clients is the most difficult part of running a law practice. When you have a website for your law firm, don’t just use it to advertise your firm. Rather, use an attorney blogging service to help you educate your visitors and gain their trust. According to this study, 96% of…

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