UX Design

Breaking the Mold: How to Improve Your Legal Website’s UX Design

  Before you improve your legal website’s UX design, you should define “UX.” UX is short for the user experience. Therefore to improve the appearance and function of your site you must focus on these two letters. Offering an insightful and worthwhile experience is vitally important, especially to those who know little about the law….

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Instagram marketing for lawyers

Instagram Marketing for Lawyers: How to Get Social Media Leads

  Instagram marketing for lawyers, as you might guess, begins with an app. Visit the App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store to get started. You can add your Facebook details, phone number, or email address to establish a new account. Your phone number and email address should be consistent across all social media…

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Legal web design

Legal Web Design Mistakes that Increase Bounce Rates

  Legal web design mistakes may not appear, at first, to be obvious. However, you need to review your website’s design if you notice more people are leaving rather than visiting your site. If a site is well-designed, you’ll gain more clients and continue to generate leads. Therefore, your legal website should be as simple…

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DUI Lawyer

Marketing Your Services Online as a DUI Lawyer

  As a DUI lawyer, you can use your “position” literally in developing DUI leads. That is because people seeking DUI services generally use keywords, such as: DUI lawyer DUI attorney Los Angeles, or  DUI law firm near me These keywords also called transactional or buyer keywords, sit at the bottom of the sales funnel….

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Evergreen Content

Use Evergreen Content to Highlight Your Legal Services and Knowledge

  Evergreen content, or articles, blog posts, or reports that can be used now and in the future, addresses relevant topics and answers many of your readers’ questions. This type of content is often found in the FAQs on your website, as time has not affected either the question or answer. Examples of Evergreen Questions…

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Client Testimonials

Increase Your Online Influence with Client Testimonials

  Client testimonials can make a solid impression on people seeking your legal services. Therefore, you cannot overlook their value, especially when you include them on your website. While can post texts of testimonials, including videos makes the strongest impact. Client Testimonials, Especially Video Testimonials, Convert Forbes underscores the use of video testimonials, as the…

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Search Engine Ranking

Improving Your Search Engine Ranking: What You Need to Know

  If you want to improve your search engine ranking, you need to know more than SEO. You also need to get into the habit of adding authoritative content and posting regularly. Doing so will make a major difference in how you rank in the SERPs. Therefore, it pays to follow best practices on a…

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Legal Website

Why the Design and Format of Your Legal Website Matters

  How do you convert leads for your legal website? That question weighs heavily on the minds of most attorneys. That is why it matters how you build your website in terms of functionality and ease of use. People seek legal services online all the time. Therefore, you must make sure your website conveys a…

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Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO: A Digital Marathon

When you are a legal firm, your law firm SEO strategy is not something that is cut-and-dried, nor is it a practice that turns leads into conversions overnight. Instead, you have to go the distance in making sure your content satisfies your readers’ inquiries while you increase your influence grows steadily online. Making Your Content…

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